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About Us


Curexe's mission is to make it easy for businesses to move money around the world and at a lower price.

Our Story

When Johnathan was building his first business, it was not clear what his bank was charging him to simply send money to another country. He quickly realised how expensive the hidden foreign exchange fees were, they take upwards of 5% of total funds transferred!

It was out of this deceitful system of hidden fees that Curexe was built to provide a solution that was honest and transparent. Our fee is only 1% for each and every time you need to send money worldwide or when you need to exchange currency.

Our Team

Our Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Johnathan Holland's experience comes from a decade of learning about capital markets and a relentless pursuit of providing better customer experiences in the payments and currency exchange industry. Johnathan’s advantage has been to look at the currency exchange industry in a new light, which enabled him to create a new, better way to empower the businesses that are underserved by their current solutions.

Johnathan graduated from the 2016 cohort of the Next 36 accelerator program that helps young entrepreneurs build high impact businesses and is currently running the company out of the DMZ.

Our Chief Anti-Money Laundering Officer

Matthew McGuire is an internationally recognized expert in anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing. He has been assisting financial institutions to assess and reduce financial crime and related regulatory risks for fifteen years. He has served as an advisor to Canadian and foreign governments on development of their laws and financial intelligence functions, and a consultant to the UN office on Drugs and Crime. Matt is Curexe's go to when it comes to regulatory compliance.

Our Technical Advisor & Interim CTO

Timothy Quinn is a senior operations and technology leader with 20 years of hands-on experience building companies in web and mobile, before Curexe Tim was the Chief Technology Officer with OMX, VP Production with Vortex Mobile, Director of Site Operations with Torstar and Director of Production with Trapeze. Three of the companies Tim helped build have subsequently been acquired: Personus (acquired by CGI), Trapeze (acquired by Union) and Vortex (acquired by Transcontinental).

Tim brings an extensive portfolio of project management and technical implementation aptitudes, with particular emphasis on product innovation, process re-engineering, strategic planning, and technology implementation within desktop, mobile and other environments. Tim is an accomplished author and instructor who has taught at New York University and the City University of New York, and has been interviewed by Foreign Policy Magazine, Wired, The Washington Post, The Toronto Star, Maclean's and Metro News.

Our Marketing

Michael is a growth marketing expert. He was a co-fouder of SnapSaves (acq. Groupon), Ex. Remote Way and founder of his own digital marketing firm specialized in FB ads. Curexe is a partner of Michael's agency. His first acquisition was with Michele Romanow (Dragon on CBC’s Dragon’s Den).

Our Marketing

Chris Bourgeois is a Marketing and e-Commerce professional with a strong background in Content Marketing and SEO. Chris leads our marketing efforts to grow awareness of our product, much like how he led the international expansion of an organic juice bar from Texas to Toronto.

Our UX/UI Designer

Dimitry Galamiyev is our UX/UI designer. He went through the Next 36 one of the most respected entrepreneur accelerators in Canada and has worked with many start-ups and major corporates like IBM.

Our Senior Account Manager

Hasan Saleemi is an expert in B2B sales and has led the team since joining on as one of the first members of Curexe. Hasan is influential in building trust and transparency with customers, which has led to a 93% increase in sales month over month. His core expertise has already made a mark on Curexe, and set the bar high as we expand our team.