Privacy Policy

  1. Information that is collected about you
    Curexe follows the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) in accordance with Canadian Federal Law. We collect information on your profile in order to serve you to the highest degree possible. Some of this data includes:
    • The information you submit to us when placing an order through the Curexe website;
    • We track the details of each transaction that you execute with us;
    • Each time you visit our website we keep details of the activity on the account;
    • A record may be kept if you contact our team.
    In order to collect the above data we use cookies to differentiate you from others on our site. This is to help us improve our website to suit your needs.

    We collect information about your computer such as: IP address, operating system and browser type being used. All of this information is gathered to help better understand the customers as a whole to better service them.
  2. How we use your information
    In order to serve you to the best of our ability we collect information in order to:
    • organize the content on our website to provide you with the most productive layout;
    • contact you when there are any changes to the service;
    • better provide you with service that can consistently deliver on each transaction.

  3. Where we store your information
    The data we collect from you is safely kept in the United States.

    Information between Curexe and your web browser is transferred using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) ensuring that the data is encrypted and safe for communication. You should always check that your browser can validate's certificate when sending confidential information.

    It is your responsibility to keep your password safe. Your passwords are encrypted and stored safely on Curexe's servers. We only disclose account details to any parties involved in the transaction, including the bank used to exchange money and for Curexe's records. We may have to disclose this personal information if required by law to do so.

    We use highly advanced security and control systems to keep your sensitive information safe. Your security is taken very seriously, and have implemented several advanced security protocols to protect your data from unauthorized access. Curexe has your security at the top of our priority list.
  4. Disclosures
    If the situation required a staff member to look at your personal information to help resolve a problem we are permitted to do so.
    • We may disclose your information to third parties:
    • for each transaction that Payment Instructions are successfully given to the bank;
    • if we are under a legal obligation to do so.

  5. Policy Changes
    If there are to be any policy changes this document will be updated and is available to site visitor.
  6. Contact
    If you have any concerns please send an email to