General Information
We are constantly rolling out new currencies for your business needs. Currently we offer Canadian Dollars (CAD), US Dollars (USD), Euro's (EUR), British Pounds (GBP), Singapore Dollars (SGD), Japanese Yen (JPY) and Switzerland Franc (CHF).

If you need to make a payment in any other currency please contact us in our support section and we will get this set-up for you as quickly as possible. We built our technology so that we can easily add different currencies to the system -- we just haven't had a business ask for anything else.
It is easier to tell you what we can't do.

The following countries are NOT allowed and every other country is available:

Central African Republic
Côte d'Ivoire
Democratic Republic of the Congo
North Korea
South Sudan
Curexe has built highly efficient computer software that speaks directly to a group of partnered global banks. Since we are able to cut the middlemen banks out of the equation and automate the payment process (meaning less staffing costs) so we can pass down these savings to you, our valued customer. :)
It costs a total of 1% of the transferred money. We take care of any fees that the banks charge.

Unlike every foreign exchange or bank out there -- we offer completely transparent pricing. We have nothing to hide and since the average cost to do these transactions with a bank is 3-5% no wonder they want to hide their fees in a "currency exchange rate"!

Banks buy the currency you need for super cheap and then add a hefty premium and sell it back to you. We don't think that's fair since these transactions are just simple changes to account balances in the banks computer system. Why should you have to pay for that!
In Short:

Sending using the wire method of payment can be 1 - 3 business days. -- At the mercy of your bank to send in whatever way they allow you to.

Sending using the Pre-Authorized Debit method of payment can be 3 - 4 business days. -- Done from your computer with your online banking.
Curexe enforces a four-tier data security protocol consisting of:

  1. Private but non-sensitive
    Basic user information such as name, address, the contents of messages, the financial amounts of transactions.
    This data is securely transmitted and, while stored our database in unencrypted form, is protected by robust passwords.

  2. Sensitive
    Information which in and of itself could not be used fraudulently if acquired by malevolent parties, but could be used in conjunction with other sensitive information to compromise a user, such as bank account numbers. This data is stored in the database using strong two-way encryption.

  3. User's eyes only
    Login password and other data which could compromise a user's access to the website. This data is stored in the database using strong one-way encryption, which prevents even website administrators from retrieval.

  4. Critically confidential
    Online banking credentials. This data is not captured or retained at all by the website.

Curexe does not have access to user passwords, which are stored in our database using strong one-way encryption. If you've forgotten your password, please reset it from the login page.
Curexe would not exist if we did not keep safety and security at the top of mind.

We transfer your money using trust accounts separate from our operating accounts and use all secure banking channels and bank partners to send money. This makes us just as safe as any other large bank.

All transactions are HTTPS encrypted making us on par with the banking industry standard.

Curexe is also highly governed as a registered money service business through the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC). You can search our registration number, M15213328 at
The Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC) is Canada's financial intelligence unit. They facilitate the detection, prevention and deterrence of money laundering and the financing of terrorist activities, while ensuring the protection of personal information under its control.

Mouthful, we know. Basically they make the laws for our industry and those laws are made to protect you!
Account Set-up
In order to register for an account with Curexe you only need a copy of your ID to upload. If you have this ready it should take only a few minutes online.
If your confirmation email hasn't appeared please check your spam folder and if that still didn't please contact us through support immediately so we can help you out.
We are required by law to collect your personal ID and the business ID (we do this in the background) to verify that it's you that owns the business. There are also several checks we do to ensure that there can be no fraudulent activity.

Just know that by providing these documents you are ensuring perfectly safe transactions. That's why banking regulations are in place.
Transferring Money
Not at all! Most of the information you're providing is stored on our databases so you only have to input this once. We save all of your recipients (or businesses/individuals you're sending the money to) so you can access them from a drop-down menu when putting a transaction through.
Please make sure that the name of the business or individual you would like to send the money to is taken right from the invoice sent to you or the name registered with the bank (often the legal name). The bank might reject the transaction if the name doesn't match up.
An exchange rate is a fancy way of saying the price of a currency.

The exchange rate the bank gives you allows them to buy low and sell high, which of course is what everyone wants to do. What ends up happening is you buy high and sell low. You end up losing 3 - 5% of all your money!
The SWIFT Code is a standard format for Business Identifier Codes (BIC). It is used to uniquely identify banks or financial institutions on a global basis - it paints a story of who and where the bank is located.

These codes are used when transferring money internationally between banks.

The following is how a SWIFT code looks and how it is broken down:

1111 22 33 444

1 - This is 4 letters that usually have a similar look to the bank they come from. For example, BMO always starts with BOFM.
2 - This is a country code made up of 2 letters. For example, CA for Canada or US for USA.
3 - This is the location code and can be made up of 2 letters or numbers or combination. This determines the head office of the bank.
4 - This is a 3 letter or number code to specify a branch other than the head office. This one is optional so if it doesn't show this many characters don't worry!

For reference to the SWIFT code you're trying to find you can visit, but if you are unsure please contact the recipient to ensure you have the right code (if you ARE the recipient please call your bank). Feel free to contact Curexe's support team for help.
Still can't find what you're looking for? Let us help.