Terms of Use

This Agreement (the "Agreement") is a legal contract between you and Curexe. The Agreement applies to your use of Curexe's services (our "Services").

When placing an order to use our Services you must agree with all the terms and conditions enclosed in this Agreement. This includes entering into an ongoing service agreement with Curexe. Please read carefully and make sure that you understand it completely before using our Services. If you do not accept this Agreement, we will be unable to provide our Services to you.

  1. Definitions

    1. "Agreement" means to this agreement including all subsequent amendments.
    2. "Business Days" means to the days of Monday to Friday (exempt of Saturday and Sunday) that banks in Canada are open for business.
    3. "User", "you" or "your" means you and any other person entering into this Agreement with us or using our Service.
    4. "Exchange Rate Spread" means the difference in buying and selling price of currencies.
    5. "Mid-Market Rate" means the mid-point between the bid and offer rates when buying or selling currency.
    6. "Exchange Date" means the date which you chose as the conversion date; the date you wish to deposit your money to us.
    7. "Payment Instructions" means the instructions that you will give to your bank in order to transfer money into our account.
    8. "Premium" means an extra charge to be paid in addition to the cost of an item.
    9. "CAD" means Canadian Dollars.
    10. "Curexe" means the operating name of SmartPay Inc. a corporation registered federally with the Canadian Government.
    11. "Entity" means the business that the User is sending money on behalf of.
    12. "FINTRAC" or "Regulators" means the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada and is the governing body that we answer to.

  2. Ongoing Service Agreement

      In order to use our Services, the Entity must enter into an ongoing service agreement with us and this is done by accepting the terms of this Agreement. This protects you from having to continually submit information about yourself and information about the Entity you are sending the money of behalf of.

    1. Entity Information

      In order to satisfy our regulators, we are required to collect the Entity’s name, address and nature of it’s main business. This information is kept during account registration.

    2. Employee Information

      FINTRAC requires us to record the name, address and date of birth of each employee authorized to do transactions on the account. This information is kept during account registration on the user.

    3. Signing Party

      The user who accepts the terms of this Agreement will be recorded as an individual who signed the Ongoing Service Agreement on behalf of the organization.

    4. Third Party Obligation Clarification

      We are required to ask for the user’s involvement in the entity and if the user chooses owner or director the Entity is not considered to be a third party, but the user is acting as the Entity itself. Should the user choose any other option as their occupation at the Entity then the Entity is the third party in the transaction and the user is taking orders on behalf of the Entity.

  3. Relationship Between Us

    1. Type of Business

      Curexe is a web application that provides international payment and currency exchange services to businesses in Canada.

      Curexe's Services are operated by SmartPay Inc. registered in Ontario, Canada (Corporation Number: 895168-3). Our office is located at 2nd Floor 221 Yonge St, Toronto, ON, M5B 1M4. Curexe is registered as a money service business through the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC), which is the governing body in Canada.

    2. Creating Multiple Accounts

      Curexe may decline the opening of multiple accounts due to security reasons. Curexe reserves the right to close or merge any accounts that are from the same client without notification. This is to ensure that we can provide the best possible service by tracking your account data.

    3. Privacy

      Protecting your information is very important to Curexe. All your information given to us is stored on our servers in encrypted form, this includes: passwords, personal information, account details, transaction history. This information is not disclosed except for certain payment information to our bank when giving your Payment Instructions in accordance with FINTRAC's regulations.

      All information between your browser and Curexe's website is transferred in encrypted form using SSL. Although this is highly secure we ask that you please validate the curexe.com certificate using your browser.

      Please refer to Curexe's Privacy Policy found at curexe.com/privacy

    4. History

      The history of your account can be found in the My Account section of our website. This allows you to track all the orders you have submitted and the details of your pending transactions.

  4. Use of our Service

    1. Exchange Rates

      Curexe offers our customers the exact mid-market currency exchange rate you see online. We do not have any control over where currency exchange rates are moving.

      There are no currency exchange fees involved in using our Services, we receive our revenue by charging a highly transparent 1% of total converted currency.

    2. Bank Transfers

      All payments are subject to possible fees when it comes to making international transfers. These fees are embedded into the 1% total cost that you are paying.

      All transfers must include currency being exchanged for another in order to send money.

    3. Bank Deposits

      If you would like to cancel your order you can do so at any time without penalty as long as the money is still in our bank account. If we have already sent out the money then the money transfer will not be stopped. If your payment is cancelled or refused for any reason, and you have already deposited the money, we will return your deposit to your bank account.

    4. Refused Transactions

      Curexe may refuse your transaction without reason due to regulations in Canada and in accordance with Canadian Laws.

    5. Payment Limits

      We ask that a minimum order of $5,000 be sent at one time and there is no maximum.

    6. Obligations

      Curexe reserves the right to investigate and report to the authorities if any user tries to use our Services in an unlawful manner. Laws in Canada give us certain duties that are necessary to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing activities.

  5. General

    1. Third Party Services

      You acknowledge and agree that Curexe uses a third party bank to facilitate our Services and that any delay or loss of payment can be the result of this third party bank. Curexe is not responsible and will not be liable for paying any compensation to the user in result of a mistake made by the third party bank.

      You acknowledge and agree that Curexe may use another third party partner to help in using our Services and you must read and agree to our third party partner's terms and conditions in addition to Curexe's terms and conditions.

    2. Events Beyond Our Control

      Curexe is not liable for any loss of payment, failure or delay in our Services when events that are not within our control cause this disruption.


      This Agreement is governed by the laws of Ontario, Canada. You submit the jurisdiction of the Courts of Ontario, Canada.

    3. Communication

      By accepting these terms and conditions you agree that any communication required to be sent to you can be submitted by the email you have given us. We are not liable to any complications during a transaction when you have sent us the wrong email address.

  6. Alterations to Our Website

    Curexe reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any point in time and is only required to send you notice through the email you have supplied us in your customer account.

Last Updated February 1, 2016