Send and receive money

We help businesses send money to other countries with our Curexe product and accept online customer payments with our SmartPay product.

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Exchange foreign currency
Pay international suppliers or employees through the Curexe platform or simply exchange currencies.

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Accept customer revenue in your invoices
Send us your invoices and we create a payment link for your customers to pay you online. No more cheques.

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Accept debit payments in your online checkout
We help your customers pay you in your online checkout and avoid the high processing fees.

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Sending and receiving money
Fastest Transfers
Send money or get paid within 48 - 72 business hours.
Lowest Fees
We lower bank and payment processing fees. Send for 1% (compared to 3.64%) and receive for 2% (compared to 6.4%).
Highest Security
We use banks and encrypt all data so your money is as safe as using a bank.
Transfer Between 20+ currencies
We currently service Canadian and U.S. businesses.
How Curexe Can Help Your Business








Checkout Payments


Invoice Payments
For your data driven decisions
Learn more about your payments with our analytics.

Keep Track
Analyze your payments to understand your customers better. Ask us how we can help with this.

Information on currency conversions for easy accounting reconciliation.

Recurring Transfers
Lock in recurring transfers and track your payments so you are always paid (or pay) on time.
Our Happy Customers
Our customers like that we are easy to set-up online. They like that we respond to emails at 2 AM. They like the savings over banks and payment processing companies.

Anything else you would like to know?
Sign up for your free account with us and our team will call you directly to give you free payment advice and answer any immediate questions you have. Or take a look at our support page for Frequently Asked Questions.